Brand new video for the track “Time Is Not Real” on the new cassette “Veiled Void” released last month by Crash Symbols. This vid was created by Jason Scott Furr in Asheville,NC. Pummeling, disorienting images flow along with the music, creating a sense of endless evolution in a universe without boundaries. 

Brand new music video for the track “Hidden Connection” from the full length cassette “Veiled Void” released 4-8-14 by Crash Symbols. Video directed by Theodore Robinson in NYC.

full length cassette available here:

Here is the opening track from the brand new Bary Center cassette, Veiled Void. The track is called “All Decisions” and is a good intro to the Bary style and sound. 

Veiled Void, by Bary Center

The new cassette is here! You can listen to/purchase/download it at this link. Many thanks to the folks at Crash Symbols for doing an excellent job. 

Bary Center -- Snow Day

Here’s a free track I recorded while trapped indoors during a a recent ice storm. It’s a web only track.The new cassette will be here very soon. Stay tuned. 


My new full length cassette is set to be released in a few short weeks via Crash Symbols. It’s been a long wait but the time is nigh. This is me smiling.

Cycles E.P., by Bary Center

New free EP “Cycles” posted on the bandcamp page as part of a warm up to the upcoming full length album later this year. These three tracks are from those recording sessions, but didn’t make the final album cut (mainly because of their length). Dark techno from the hills……

Finishing touches on mixing the new album this weekend. Details about the release coming soon.